Does Child Support Include Educational Expenses?

does child support include education expenses?

- Barrow Brown, PLLC -

In Kentucky, most child support calculations are made pursuant to a grid set out in KRS 403.212. This grid determines a person’s child support obligation based on only 2 factors; the number of children and the total income of the parties. School expenses are not taken into account in the calculation. While this method of calculating support completely ignores many real world factors, it allows for simplicity and predictability in child support calculations. 

 There are, however, circumstances where the statutory grid is not used to calculate support. The most common exception occurs when the parties have combined income in excess of $15,000 per month. The statutory grid tops out at $15,000. Consequently, the grid often is not used to calculate the support obligation, although the Court may simply calculate support based on $15,000 in income. 

 If the Court determines that child support is to be calculation outside of the statutory guidelines, the Court will look at the actual monthly expenses for the children. The law is clear, however, that Courts cannot obligated a parent to pay for private education. 

 In summary, a standard child support calculation will not take into account education expenses.