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In the heart of Lexington, Barrow Brown Carrington’s local office shines as a pillar of family law advocacy, mirroring the community’s principles of integrity and resilience. Our Lexington team adeptly navigates the complexities of divorce, custody disputes, and a wide range of other family law issues with a practical, accessible approach. We are deeply dedicated to understanding each client’s unique situation, offering customized and impactful counsel. Our strong connection to the Lexington community bolsters our capacity to provide a comforting and powerful legal haven during life’s pivotal moments. Renowned for securing favorable outcomes in significant cases, Barrow Brown Carrington is the preferred choice for those facing major legal matters, guaranteeing top-tier representation. We cater to diverse financial situations with our economical, flat-rate service for uncontested divorces, offering comprehensive solutions to all clients. Whether your situation involves millions at stake without a clear path forward, or you simply seek the smooth execution of an uncontested divorce, we have an option tailored to you.

230 Lexington Green Cir,
Suite 110,
Lexington, KY 40503

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