Kirsten Etre

Kirsten Etre

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Kirsten Etre


Kirsten is a dedicated attorney newly licensed to practice law, bringing a wealth of practical experience across various legal domains. Her professional journey began with multiple roles in legal support, encompassing criminal law, civil litigation, family law, personal injury, and dependency and neglect proceedings. These positions, held both before and during her law school tenure, provided Kirsten with invaluable hands-on experience that profoundly informs her approach as an attorney.

Driven by a lifelong passion for law, Kirsten pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies with a minor in pre-law from the University of Central Florida. Her commitment to the field was further underscored by an internship with the Guardian Ad Litem program, which fueled her dedication to advocating for the welfare of children in domestic relations matters. Subsequently, as a legal assistant with the State Attorney’s Office, Kirsten focused on domestic violence cases, gaining critical insights into this sensitive aspect of family law.

At New England Law Boston, Kirsten concentrated her studies on family law, drawn by a desire to assist families during challenging times. She enriched her legal education by clerking at a boutique civil litigation firm handling diverse cases, including family law disputes. As a student attorney in the school’s clinical law office, she actively engaged in domestic relations and guardianship cases, honing her practical skills and client advocacy.

Now settled in Colorado, Kirsten is eager to integrate herself into the local community and contribute her legal expertise. Her diverse background and passion for family law make her a valuable asset to clients seeking compassionate and knowledgeable representation.




JD – New England Law
BS – University of Central Florida

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