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Cassandra Combs, a zealous advocate dedicated to representing each and every client, is an attorney whose journey from Hazard, Kentucky to the realm of law is as diverse as her commitment to justice. Graduating from Eastern Kentucky University with dual bachelor’s degrees in Political Science and Criminal Justice, Cassandra pursued her legal education at the Appalachian School of Law, earning both a Juris Masters and a Juris Doctorate. Currently licensed to practice in Kentucky and Minnesota, she brings a wealth of experience and compassion to her legal practice.

During her formative years, Cassandra immersed herself in community service, volunteering at events like the Remote Area Medical Clinic in Grundy, Virginia, and spearheading initiatives like the “Trauma Informed Practice for Court Related Professionals” training alongside the Domestic Violence Shelter’s VOCA Director. Additionally, she lent her time and creativity to brightening the lives of children in Hazard, Kentucky by donning superhero attire and painting faces at Carnival for the Kids.

Having grown up in Hazard, Cassandra’s roots run deep in her hometown, where she fondly recalls the simple joys of 90s nostalgia and her passion for theatre during high school. Despite initially envisioning a career in criminal defense, her journey led her to Legal Aid work, where she served as a Victim’s Rights Attorney at AppalReD Legal Aid’s Hazard office. There, she championed the cause of domestic violence victims across seven counties, collaborating closely with local shelters to ensure comprehensive support for her clients. Not content with just legal advocacy, Cassandra also became a certified dance fitness instructor in BollyX, introducing the Bollywood workout to her community.

Transitioning to Shelbyville, Kentucky, Cassandra continued her pursuit of justice as a Senior Attorney at the Legal Aid Society’s Shelby County office. Specializing in eviction defense and estate planning, she expanded her reach, setting up pro se divorce clinics in Trimble County. However, it was her unwavering passion for family law that ultimately shaped her career trajectory. Recognizing her calling to help individuals navigate the complexities of divorce, custody, and protective orders, Cassandra resolved to dedicate her life to this cause.

With her blend of legal expertise, community engagement, and boundless compassion, Cassandra Combs stands as a beacon of hope for those seeking a fresh start and a brighter future.




BA – Eastern Kentucky University
JD – Appalachian School of Law

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