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DIVORCE….. it’s a simple word, meaning the end of a marriage. Yet when this word is applied to your life, you immediately know it will have a lasting impact. And we know this too…..because we see it and hear it every day when we talk with those we are helping.


LET US CARRY THE LOAD. Our experienced divorce attorneys will work the tough issues like child custody, temporary support, and non-marital tracing. We work with financial professionals to help you understand a divorce’s effect on your savings, retirement, and tax liability. We aim to provide all the guidance you will need throughout your divorce. If your divorce calls for an aggressive approach when dealing with your spouse and their attorney, we will be your pit bull. If your divorce is civil or even uncontested, we will assist you in obtaining a comprehensive and cost-efficient divorce.


Whatever the situation calls for….Let us be your advantage.

At possibly the worst time in my life Charles listened to my need for a divorce with kindness and patience. He made sure I got what I needed in the divorce to survive financially. I could never have gotten the results I did anywhere else.




A Clear Strategy – From Day One.

We begin planning a winning strategy for your case at our first meeting. Sometimes that means getting you into a hearing or trial as quickly as possible, and sometimes that means negotiating an out-of-court settlement agreement. Your family and your facts are unique from every other case. But, the laws and rules are the same. That makes the presentation of your case to the court critical.

Our attorneys don’t like to lose. This means a couple of things. First, it means that when we take up a fight, we intend to finish it and win. Second, it means that we will advise and encourage you to think strategically about your case with us. We want to understand your goals. We then want to map a path to achieving them. That path is almost never a straight line. We know when to zig and when to zag.

Spousal Support / Maintenance

Courts have discretion to determine the amount and term of spousal support or maintenance. Your presentation of evidence, use of experts, and case strategy is critical in successfully defending claims for spousal support.

Child Custody / Decision Making

Joint custody is favored by the court, and by law. Both parties to a divorce have equal rights to raise their children and participate in decision making. Our attorneys understand your rights and the winning strategy in a divorce with custody issues.

Child Support

State child support guidelines determine a party’s obligation. However, the court may deviate from the guidelines in certain circumstances. Presenting the unique facts of your case to the court can save you or gain you thousands per year in child support.

Property Division

Marital property is divided by the court in divorce. Not all property is marital. The court is not bound to divide marital property equally. The unique facts of your case, presented to the court appropriately, can save you tens of thousands of dollars.

Domestic Violence

A domestic violence order can be devastating in a divorce with custody issues. In depth understanding of the elements of domestic violence and careful preparation of your case is critical in obtaining or defending a domestic violence petition.

divorce litigation

When going to Court, there is simply no substitute for experience. We are divorce trial attorneys, having tried hundreds of cases throughout Kentuckiana. We understand how to use the tools of discovery, financial analysis and psychological evaluation to build a winning case.

uncontested divorce

The average US divorce costs $22,500. We know that exorbitant legal costs do not make sense for people who would like to divorce amicably. That is why we offer a flat fee uncontested divorce service for on $497 plus filing fee. We handle all paperwork, filings and court appearances so you can get busy moving on.

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After working with substandard attention and performance from a previous attorney, while my personal matter continued to escalate, I searched for an attorney online who would take my serious family matters seriously - no more lip service. As their website says “Damn Good Attorneys,” they performed outstandingly and expeditiously and resolved all of my legal issues. They don’t waste your time or money and are exceptionally professional. Timeliness is valued too. You get what you pay for, so don’t waste your time or money with less expensive representation. I highly recommend Barrow Brown Carrington.
Dwight S.
From start to finish my experience with Barrow Brown Carrington was exceptional! I recommend them 100%.
Kathy J
Barrow Brown Carrington made things very easy during this sometimes difficult process. They were prompt and professional. All of my questions and concerns were answered immediately. I tried doing self help divorce and failed so I turned to them and they took care of everything.
Saddie H.

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