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In Florida, parenting and support decisions are centered around the child’s best interests. Divorce or relationship breakdowns can be difficult, often placing children in the midst of conflict. At Barrow Brown Carrington, our attorneys focus on representing our clients in a manner that shields children from unnecessary strife and tension.

Florida follows specific guidelines for determining child support amounts. These guidelines consider various factors, including the income levels of both parents and essential expenses related to the child, such as childcare and medical insurance. While Florida has established statutory guidelines for child support, courts have the discretion to deviate from these guidelines under certain circumstances or the child’s specific needs.

Issues around child support often emerge from misunderstandings – a paying parent may feel the other parent is misusing funds, or the paying parent may perceive the other parent as living too comfortably. The reality of these situations is often more complex and varied than these perceptions suggest.

At Barrow Brown Carrington, we understand the myriad of financial responsibilities that parents face. Our approach is to resolve child support issues with minimal court intervention, aiming to reduce additional legal costs. We believe in proactive representation to ensure a fair and equitable resolution.

If you’re navigating child support concerns in Florida, we’re here to assist you. Call us at (561) 794-0555 to learn how we can support you. Our team is committed to providing effective, compassionate legal guidance in child support matters.

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