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Important Evidence in your custody case

Your child custody attorney may use a variety of types of evidence, including documents, character evidence, witnesses , and expert reports. The client is the primary witness in any custody action. As a result the client’s testimony is often the primary piece of evidence considered by the Court. Naturally, the Court will expect the client’s testimony to be self serving. For this reason, it is vital to support the client’s testimony with documentary evidence.

For example:

  •  – If you have been the parent that drove the child to school, your child custody attorney will need information from the school demonstrating this.
  •  – If the other party has been arrested for drugs, your attorney will want records of the arrest and/or conviction.
  •  – If you believe that you provide the ideal home for the children, make photograph of and home, including the children’s rooms.

One of the best ways to ensure you will be successful in protecting your children is to be prepared and organized with the necessary evidence.

Your attorney may also utilize other professionals, either as consultants or witnesses in your case. For example, only certain trained professionals can testify about the educational needs of a child with learning disabilities or behavioral problems. These experts may advise your attorney regarding specific aspects of your case. The experts may also be called upon to testify on your behalf at a trial or hearing.

The Court may also appoint experts to assist in the Court’s custodial decisions. In Marion County, the Family Courts regularly appoint custodial evaluators to make recommendations to the Court. The evaluators are normally practicing child psychologists who have special expertise in custodial matters.

For more information about child custody actions in Marion Family Court or in other jurisdictions in Indiana, please contact our child custody lawyers at 317-643-5004 for a free consultation with an attorney in our Indianapolis office.

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