Megan Harpe

megan harpe

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Megan Harpe

megan harpe

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Megan’s decision to attend law school was profoundly influenced by a simple yet impactful moment in her childhood. She was in the 5th grade in her hometown of Springfield Massachusetts at a book fair. Megan’s friend brought exact change to purchase a book but came up short at the register when the state sales tax was added to her purchase. It was this moment that prompted Megan to lead her fifth-grade class on a lobbying effort to the state capitol building. Megan and her classmates asked lawmakers to explain why candy bars and junk food were tax exempt, but not children’s books. Little did she know she would go on to be an even greater advocate.

Megan decided to attend Loyola University Maryland where she ran track and majored in political science and sociology. In her spare time, Megan chose to serve as a legal assistant for a prominent judge in Baltimore. This experience not only exposed her to the intricacies of the legal system but also confirmed her desire to go to law school.

Megan’s educational journey continued to unfold at the University of Illinois, College of Law. She graduated cum laude and participated in the Family Advocacy Clinic.

This pivotal experience allowed her to put her legal knowledge into practice, working directly with families facing complex legal challenges.

Upon graduating from law school, Megan embarked on her legal career with a deep passion for child advocacy. She chose to accept a position as an Attorney Ad Litem, where she zealously represented the rights and express interests of vulnerable children in the foster care system. Her compassion and unwavering advocacy made her a trusted advocate for countless children in state custody.

As her legal career evolved, Megan’s expertise and dedication in the field of law continued to grow. She recognized the profound importance of family dynamics in the lives of her clients and made the decision to transition her practice to family law. Drawing from her experiences in dependency cases, Megan has become a compassionate and skilled family law attorney, guiding individuals and families through complex legal matters such as divorce, child custody disputes, and domestic relations issues.

When she is not advocating for her clients you can find her with her Boston Terrier, on her Peloton bike or watching the latest animal documentary on Netflix. 




Florida Bar Association


BA – Loyola University – Maryland
JD – University of Illinois College of Law

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